Bandcamp adding ticketed live streams soon!

So it has become apparent that Bandcamp will be rolling out ticketed livestreams soon. I have signed up for more info, but nothing has been emailed/sent to me as of yet. However a bit of digging around shows that this will be via a normal RTMP server so you will still need OBS or something similar to do the actual streaming still just like most people stream. This is, of course, both good and bad. You will still need some software to stream, you are still hampered by the webcam(s) quality and also your actual equipment quality and probably how well you know and understand OBS and video and streaming in general.

Because of that I’m just putting it out there that us at Lockdown Livestreamers know how to setup livestreams, have the capability to make a livestream work well with hardware and software, and if you want us to help you livestream via Bandcamp then we’re happy to help. Right now Bandcamp are NOT taking any cut of the ticket price – which is of course up to you to set, and whilst we know the rough idea of how this works, we can’t truly see how useful this is right now…
It is pleasing to know though that Bandcamp handles the payment side of things, you can setup a virtual merch store and of course there is a chat facility built right into the Bandcamp side of things. Eventually though Bandcamp will charge a flat fee of 10% to help you out from around March of next year. So do you guys and gals think this is a decent idea and could help with livestreams? Me personally, yeah it’s good, but until the finer details are published and/or made available I’m going to have to file this one under interesting rather than a definite solution!

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